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Motivated business partners: our best reference.


At the Lejeune Academy, the success of our international clients provides us with constant inspiration in everything we do. Our global networks are testament to this.


Motivation is the most important economic factor worldwide.

The founding philosophy of the Lejeune Academy has become firmly established and highly regarded in global motivational and strategy consulting. Our ability to inspire and empower people is highly respected and acknowledged.


This is the impetus and at the same time our daily incentive – to remain with all our energy as your number one motivational force.


Authentic, first-hand knowledge

Only enthusiastic and constantly motivated employees can achieve long-term success and thus ensure that your business is successful. Our strength at the Lejeune Academy is to guide your employees in this direction. Our consulting and individual programmes are based on our own life experiences, as demonstrated by the success which Erich Lejeune and his team have achieved, and are founded scientifically upon the research undertaken by the Erich Lejeune Faculty of Philosophy and Motivation at theJesuit School of Philosophy in Munich: Motivation is the life science of man.


Learning from life, for life

Erich Lejeune is a leading motivational speaker regularly invited by companies and organisations to talk at various events.


As an enthusiastic entrepreneur, Erich Lejeune talks in his keynote speeches about the values of life and the values behind successful management. As an inspirational top salesman, he analyses a situation with his team and pinpoints new approaches and goals for achieving commercial success.


The original is always better than a copy. Hence, in his talks, workshops and coaching sessions Erich Lejeune reveals the essence of the life science of motivation without the frills. As a successful global entrepreneur and top salesman, and in over fifty years of working intensively in the area of motivation and philosophy, he has filtered out the essence: clear orientation, passion, a zest for life and success.



Workshop "World Class Life" of Prof. Dr. phil. h.c. mult. Erich Lejeune


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