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Power Box

Does your life need an extra charge of energy, courage and motivation?

Together with a creative team at the Aufsteiger-Verlag publishing house, international entrepreneur, bestselling author, motivator and TV presenter Erich Lejeune spent one and a half years developing “The Lejeune Power Box: The navigation system for a successful life”. In it, he outlines his 40 years of experience: insights you can now utilise to give you energy, courage and motivation and possibly take a different direction in life.

Erich Lejeune made it! His is the proverbial rags to riches story in Germany. Coming from a humble background, he is no stranger to misery, poverty and existential fear. He knows how hard the path can be from bottom to top and how much self-discipline, enthusiasm and motivation are necessary for achieving a fulfilled and successful life. Despite his difficult beginnings, he forged a brilliant career in the high-tech industry and achieved considerable prosperity. He has received numerous awards. In 1999 he was named “Entrepreneur of the Year” by Germany’s Manager Magazine. In 2007, he received the Order of Merit, First Class, of the Federal Republic of Germany.
Now, he wants to give something back to society by sharing insights into his real-life experiences, his positive thinking and his motivational strength with a broader public. Erich Lejeune decided to combine philosophy and motivation in an unprecedented way.


“The Lejeune Power Box” is a unique collection of high-quality Lejeune audio books (expertly read by respected actors), several live interviews with Erich Lejeune personally, one teleseminar recording, one live DVD recording of a roughly two-hour keynote address, carefully compiled excerpts from television broadcasts by Erich Lejeune, four workbooks, three posters and 52 cards.
This Power Box, which is by far the biggest investment made by the Aufsteiger publishing house to date, is not only packaged attractively but is packed full of success strategies, words of wisdom, inspiration and philosophy. It is pure power!


Erich Lejeune guides you through a philosophical dialogue that will convince you to honestly ask yourself the really important questions in life in order to help you gain clarity, step by step, about your own self, perhaps take a new direction, and find inspiration on your journey towards a successful and motivated life.

“The Lejeune Power Box” contains the following:

The path to a successful life
by Erich Lejeune (5 CDs, total duration 289 min.), expertly read by actor Aart Veder, among others.
Audio book
The story of motivation
by Erich Lejeune (1 CD, duration 289 min.), expertly read by actor Aart Veder, among others.
Audio book
Communication takes motivation
by Erich Lejeune (1 CD, duration 70 min.), expertly read by actor Aart Veder, among others.
Teleseminar recording
Lejeune LIVE
recorded during a teleseminar (seminar over the phone), chaired by Alex S. Rusch
(1 CD, duration: 70 min.)
Interview CD
Only motivated salespeople are successful
Wolfgang Ahrendt talks with Erich Lejeune
(1 CD, duration: 39 min.)
Interview CD
Feeling emotions, sensing success
Wolfgang Ahrendt talks with Erich Lejeune
(1 CD, duration: 39 min.)
Interview CD
Motivation for body, mind and soul
Nick Seebacher talks with Erich Lejeune
(1 CD, duration 49 min.)
Interview CD
Future, philosophy and motivation
Erich Lejeune talks with Alex S. Rusch
(1 CD, duration 59 min.)
Live recording of keynote speech
How to motivate yourself each day to excel
Parts 1 and 2, recorded with four cameras in TV quality at the Sales Congress 2007
(2 DVDs, total duration: 97 min.)
Live DVD recording
The Power of thought
Recordings of the “Lejeune” TV show: Erich Lejeune in individual interviews with Prof. Michael Bordt SJ and Christoph Santner
(1 DVD, duration: 78 min.)
Live DVD recording
The power of ideals
Excerpts from the TV shows “Lejeune – Motivation Deutschland!” [Lejeune – Motivation Germany!] and “Lejeune – Brennpunkt Motivation!” [Lejeune – Focus on Motivation!]
(1 DVD, duration: 98 min.)
Introduction: Your journey into the world of motivation
(12 pages)
Motivation takes self-recognition
(28 pages)
Motivation takes change
(48 pages)
Motivation takes physical fitness
(28 pages)
Motivation takes mental fitness
(28 pages)
52 tips on 52 cards
3 posters


Price: €499.00 incl. VAT (free postage & packaging within Germany)


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