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Power Box

Does your life need an extra charge of energy, courage and motivation?

Together with a creative team at the Aufsteiger-Verlag publishing house, international entrepreneur, best-selling author, networker, motivator and TV presenter Erich Lejeune spent one and a half years developing “The Lejeune Power Box: The navigation system for a successful life”. In it, he outlines his 40 years of experience: insights you can use to give you energy, courage and motivation and possibly take a different direction in life.

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Erich Lejeune – Know Yourself!

Having grown up in the humble surroundings of a working-class district in post-war Munich, Erich Lejeune worked his way to the top with utterly incredible motivation and determination. He determinedly pursued the proverbial path from “dish washer to multimillionaire”.

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Books that promise success!


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